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Culture shock is not a disease

It can, therefore, not be treated. There are, however, ways to ajust to it. Some of these ways are:

    • Find as many positive aspects about your new city as possible
    • Attend a house of worship where you can understand the language
    • Join organizations and make friends
    • Volunteer your time and talent
    • Have a newspaper from home mailed to you periodically
    • Go on tours
    • Share your feelings with someone
    • Call a friend in the United States (the rates are lowest on the weekends)
    • Learn as much as possible about your new culture
    • Learn the language if it is necessary
    • Don’t sit at home and mope
    • Try new foods
    • Think about the things you have accomplished in your new country that you did not, or could not, do before
    • Get a sufficient amount of rest
    • Stay busy
  • http://www.unm.edu/~pokrogh/treatment.html

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